Jane Rose Therapeutic Counsellor Trowbridge,Wiltshire
Jane RoseTherapeutic CounsellorTrowbridge,Wiltshire

What I Offer

I am an ‘Integrative’ Therapeutic Counsellor – which means I have training in a wide range of therapeutic theories and techniques, which I use in a flexible way that best meets the needs of the individual client.

The ‘Integrative’ process may include

  • talking about your past & childhood experiences - this is not to apportion blame but to seek to understand how past experiences may still be impacting your life currently. This gives you freedom to make new, informed choices about the future.

  • focusing on the here and now of your current relationships or difficulties.

  • using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT) - looking at thought process that impact on behaviours.

  • working creatively with various tools, methods and techniques to help explore those things that can be hard to express in words.

How this is tailored to you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, which we would discuss and agree on together.

I offer a professional & compassionate service in a safe, private environment with confidential boundaries. I work with clients who may be struggling with any variety of life’s issues some of which may include:

  • bereavement & loss

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • depression

  • low self esteem & confidence

  • self harm

  • relationship problems

  • abuse

  • emotional difficulties

  • work related issues

I am also very happy to work with clients who wish to explore their problems within the context of their faith / spirituality.

By exploring & talking through difficult thoughts & feelings, I aim to help clients –

  • better understand their experiences,

  • discover options in responding to their issues

  • be aware of choices and implement change in their lives.


I can accommodate both short and longer term counselling work, depending on clients needs as there is no set time limit & the total number of sessions varies from person to person. 

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